Calendar smoothie 

you are. An autumn sunrise. A cloud. A storm. spring. warm rain. a flood. a whisper. a surprise party. a verse. a flickering light. march. april. may. an argument. laughter. drying ink. old love. the sweetest friendship. a bright morning. a new day. hands. breath. cold. falling snow. an open mouth. December. January. February. Home. Skin on skin. crooked teeth and smiles. a song about loneliness. A song about triumph. 

you are. a full belly meal. September. October. November. a movie theatre with cup holders. a slow evening. Something soft. feather. Fresh mango. Vintage sweaters. black and white photographs. whispers. Calligraphy. hot sand between toes. 

you are breakfast in bed. June. July. August. Stained glass windows. an old building. evergreen. An endless metaphor. an ocean. Every ocean. Everything. 


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