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Word of Honour

It’s so beautiful how people carry inside, a tornado of emotions, the longest list of nasty experiences, an abandoned heap of expectations hidden behind memories of people that left them devastated all covered by an enigmatic yet splendid smile and then they hope, that they’ll cope up, some time or the other. What’s more beautiful is that they actually do. That’s basically how it is ought to be. You’re not alone, this is the way life works and I’m happy that amidst all the chaos, you’re brave enough to manage a smile as beautiful as you, and believe me it’s making a difference to all those on the verge. So, thankyou for hanging on for now, and eventually you’ll get back to your comfortable place, I promise! 


When it comes to love, you have to understand that no one will ever be perfect. Every person you meet will have their own personal set of flaws. The key is finding someone whose flaws won’t change how you feel about them. Can you love someone enough and overlook them being a little overweight? Can you still love someone who starts experiencing memory loss or hearing loss? Can you love someone enough who was born with a certain condition requiring them to need your help day in and day out? The point I’m trying to make is; if your love doesn’t run that deep or if you can only love people based off of what you only see on the surface, then you truly aren’t ready to love anyone. Love sounds beautiful until you have to go through a few rough days that will test your commitment to each other. It’s not pretty pictures and fairytale endings you always see in movies. To be in love usually means that you have to go through a lot. However, if you can remain loyal and committed to the other person, you will also be rewarded and blessed with a lot as well. 

Today’s prompt

There are two main scenarios in which I could have my life end, both acts having sold an equal amount of tickets but having attracted different sorts of sadistic groups. The first one would require me to be aware that soon my lungs will serve no purpose  and the other would have to be an improvisation, a stand up show. Maybe, I’m some sort of masochist, but I’d prefer the first option. The pain would first have to originate in my chest and evenly spread onto every single cell in my body, my back would stiffen and so would my shoulders, in the same way the body does when it’s subjected to an increasing amount of anxiety. My brain would anticipate a result and would signal inevitable fear  to the point where I wouldn’t be able to move anymore, not even if I wanted to. I would try to calm myself down, but my heartbeat would be audible even from my neighbour’s living room and it would most likely sound similar to someday drilling a hole through the wall. No symphony, just a crazy out of tune melody sung by some drunk middle aged man having a mid-life crisis. People build families, get their names written onto stones and have statues of themselves displayes in public spaces in order to live on evem after they have decomposed into a sack of bones and in the last seconds of my life, perhaps, I would regret not wanting to have had a successor and think that in the back of my mind I would hope that there was someone or something out there beyond this pile of dust and automobiles. In spite of all these existential thoughts, my final worry would be my whole life, I have been eaten away by nothing. 


Isn’t it weird to think that everyone on this planet has a story, a reason to be here, a purpose, a goal, a motive? Whether you’re on the bus, on a train, or just walking, have you ever looked at someone else and wondered what their story is? Everyone has things to do and places to be. We’re all so occupied in ourselves, on our devices, it can be so easy to ignore the world around us. What if that person on the bus has just received their dream job offer, or just got a text from their significant other saying that they don’t things are going to work out? What if that child wants to be an actor but his parents dont  approve because it’s not ‘academic’ enough and that’s the reason for his tears? So many details. 

The point is that even if you are having the worst day and the world seems to be a dark place then go outside and observe it. There’s a beauty in everything and that’s why this life, I believe is a magical place. At the end of the day, we’re all here to live, not just survive or exist. Put that phone down, turn that laptop off and just take five minutes to look at the surroundings and take this beautiful life you’ve been given. A world full of opportunities. It is what you make of it. Feelings, people, life.. it’s all temporary. Nothing is permanent. Don’t be afraid to change something in your life if you’re not happy. It takes one second to make a change that will last forever and it’s never too late. Breathe. Live. Explore. Grow. Then, you’ll do just fine. 

Thoughts of Rainy day Afternoon

I wonder what the words do once they are written down on paper? Is that kind of like their birthday, when we create something, that wasn’t a minute before? When we put a bunch of words together that is kind of like a community, they have a purpose and meaning, they are kind of like, a being, expect for all the good parts, like joy, and death, and evil. 

When we look at words and remember them, do they become a part of us? They now live in our memory, inside our brain, or our heart, do our words turn into us? 

I hope that some of my words have found home within you, I hope that you care for them, and they care for you as well. That must be why we create them, so they can make us cry. That must be why we do it, I can’t think of any other reason why. 

A lot of your words right now, are falling and falling slowly down my cheeks. Maybe they wanted to get some air or kiss me for you. 

Take it as it comes

They say “Take it as it comes”

Whatever happens, happens for the best! 

And, I’m a staunch believer of it. 

Life has been challenging lately. 

Lately? Nah, it has always been!

When you see the sun while it’s raining, you are bound to find rainbows everywhere! 

And one who finds rainbows rarely experience any grey! 

At every phase of your life, just tap some buttons and the memories will flashback, of the people you held hands with, with the situations that dramatically turned out in your favour, the verdicts and the words that built up your mind and lastly YOU, who made it all possible. 

Circumstances truely are powerless without our reaction. 

 Life is indeed a bed of roses! 

See the petals? It would bloom, 

Focus on the thorns and you will be doomed. 

Chester Bennington

Dear chester, 

Linkin Park was the first band I ever got into 

Linkin Park was the first band that showed me it’s okay not be okay 

The lyrics you and the band wrote have spoken to me for my entire life.

I will never forget the feeling I got the first time I heard you, I used to put “numb” on the radio during a late night drive I had just left walmart and it was pouring outside. 

I remember looking out the window and thinking to myself, this is perfect. 

The rain, the music, the absolute sadness this presence created changed me.

That day I realised that music is more than something you dance to or bang your head to. It is something you feel deep inside. 

I never thought you would ever be gone buddy, and it breaks my heart I never knew you.

I also suffer with depression and with that I’ve seen my own personal hell. 

But despite this, i wake up every day, I want to be someone’s motivation to live another day. I wanna be light in the dark that this world has came to be. 

You didn’t have to go buddy, but I understand why would you want to..

If there is an afterlife and you see this, I want you to know, you meant the world to so many others, your legacy would never die and I’ll never forget what you and the rest of LP had done for me.