The Truth No One Speaks

Many people will doubt the genuine intentions you have in your heart

Most of the people who are important to you will doubt your dreams

Most of them will question your ideas

One, two or three will call you impractical for believing what is

They will be hurt by the truth you speak from your heart

And you will be hurt too, for they didn’t trust you enough

It’s not about the amount you bring in the table

But the quality you bring in the table

It’s not about the fame you spread around the town

But the character you wear with full dignity around town

People think that money can make them win

They are wrong believing in that concept

Now that I found the truth of my existence

Do you expect me to give up

just because many of these people doubted me and?

Why will I do that?

If it’s another trap of self betrayal

The life you thought as a game is not a game at all

The life you thought as easy is not easy at all

You know nothing about life

Because you are a sleepwalker waking around the cold

You are a walking dead who refused to see the truth

The person who chooses to escape from your worries and pain

Because you can’t handle the truth spoken by your heart

You brush it off, creating lies and making excuses

To escape and forget your truth.


Broken Souls

Sometimes, we are attracted to broken souls because within them, we find pieces of ourselves that we never put back together. 

Within them, we see the pain we once felt. The sorrow we once harbored. The feelings of hurt, confusion, and longing that despite how much we want to let go of, we hold on to. We see their battle. A battle that although we might be better equipped than them to face, still does exist within ourselves. We feel their pain. We take on their fight, combating it with love that required so much courage for us to muster. Courage that they might not know their possess, but we know, resides within them. Within them, we see where we have been. We see how far we’ve come. And most importantly, we see how far we’re going, so desperately wanting to pick them up, bringing them along. However, sometimes, this unapologetic love that we give, does have consequences. You might not always be able to accomplish in that person, what you had hoped to accomplish. Everything won’t possess similar abilities while in a broken state. Despite the effort you put forth, the love you so freely gave, and the compassion you exhibited, you might end up hurt by someone that hasn’t completed their healing. Leaving your heart lying dormant, just like the person you loved, now resulting in there being two broken souls.

Eyes That Grow

A young child sees the sunshine. The open world, free space, fresh air, trees swaying side to side. Limitations aren’t known to exist to the young child. Endless opportunities. The child will roam, the child will make mistakes, and the child will learn. A young child sees the sunshine. Staring im awe of it’s beauty. Gradually, it fades away. The sunshine isn’t so bright. That open world feels confined. That free space feels dense. The air is foggy. The trees stand still, leaves falling off one by one. Limitations become known. You’re now in a constant battle to gain, and maintain comfort. Your voice has changed. Your body has grown. Although, the person is same, a question still remains unanswered. Where is my childhood? This process often repeats itself. Thoughts and views change. We’ll always have growing eyes. 


Who– what, even– am I? What, more than the mirrored imaged of past shadow following me? I seek to see myself in the mirror, and the stare I receive back is nothing but emptiness, loneliness, desperation; and a silent cry for help.

“Help me. Help me be free. Help me be happy. Oh, please, hear the cry or a desperate soul. Help me!” – begged

And with the blink of an eye, it was gone. But it was enough to see me trapped in my own body, drowning in my own self. 

That must be what numbness feels like– killing parts of you slowly, agonizingly, until there’s nothing there. Love, perhaps, is the same thing? More than a mere illusion of something else, that is, of course. 

Rescue? Can someone really rescue another one from the demons that hunt us? Can you ever go back, leave the shadow behind? 

The Voice in my Head

I quite like the voice in my head

I mean, it sounds like me

And says almost the same kind of things I do

The same sense of humor, the same biting comments

Piping up at inappropriate times

A few choice words, that never actually make their way through

And it cuts souls, and penetrates chests, it stabs minds and snaps necks

Yes, I quite like the voice in my head

Sometimes, it plays games

Tries to make itself sound older

Goes ten years into future

Pretends we’re living in the biggest house in the street

With twenty dogs, and minimalistic furniture

That we do what we love, and that we’re happy

And I know that it’s not real, that life is a movie reel full of sad scenes

But that’s an indulgence I let it drown in

I let it run that far, fly that high

Yes, well, the voice in my head I don’t quite mind

And, it’s not like it’s all fun and games, you know

There are times when I lose myself

I could tell you tales of slammed fists on laptop keyboards

And punches landing on walls

Of bruised knuckles, and bloody hearts, of friendly advice tossed aside and brutally ignored

And I’m sure that it gets scared then, of what I am, of what I could do

But it speaks up

Quiet, small, but it does speak

It talks to me of a time when I might believe again

It talks to me about the green, green grass, and the fresh blue sky

And when all I can see is dark, black despire

It draws me gorgeous pictures of the sun instead

And it stays with me, holds my hand when this world breaks down around me

Tells me to stand up, wipe my tears, and keep walking

How could I not like the voice in my head?

It’s time.

There is a knock on the door, a shift in space, stillness in the air, a missed beat. It’s time. Everything stops for a moment, the blood flowing in my veins, my creaking chair as I lean over in it, even the song I’ve been listening to drops into static. Then, as if making up for it, everything falls back into focus; the smoke swirling around my head fills my world like a tornado, another song start with a bang, and I sit up. There are things I absolutely have to ask. Do you thing they’ll be able to tell I’m not ready? That I am blissfully unprepared, and have no idea what I’m supposed to do out there? That every move I make out there will be second-guessed by me, and critically scrutinized and analyzed by the people watching and waiting for me to trip? Does the world stop under the spotlight? How lonely does it get, going out all alone, no one to back you up, singing a song you’ve just put together, when there is no air left in your lungs and no one helping you out with the drums? Will they forgive wrong timing, off key mumbling? Will it really matter in the greater

scheme of events?

I’m going, I’m going. Don’t nudge me out. I’d rather walk out alone, a gladiator striding into almost certain doom on his own terms. My mind is blank, the stage is a clean slate, and I finally take the last step out from behind the curtains. It’s time.

The Music in us.

Music has saved me so many times.

Even when I couldn’t make sense

of how I felt.

Music always found a way,

of making the anger inside of me melt.

When I was lost and abandoned,

It sheltered me from the cold.

Wrapped its loving arms around me,

When I had no one else to hold.

It spoke to me,

Words that I had never been told.

And comforted me when I thought that,

I was the man who the world had sold.

And I often wonder,

If the melody that softly moves me,

Could be found in you.

When your lips move,

I can hear the song you sing,

Even though you never meant to.

When you walk across,

I can see the sway of your hips,

Leading me to dance floor.

Your gait puts me in a trance,

And the sound of your footsteps,

Leaves me wanting more.

So could I have this dance forever,

What are you waiting for?

The band is ready  to play our song,

And I’m willing to sing until my throat goes sore.