Lucid Dreamers

When I was a child, I had nightmares fairly often. They would usually involve me being chased by something or someone menacing. I began to always recognise during the most terrifying part of the dream, that I was in fact dreaming. I was then able to wake myself up. It was difficult at times, my eyelids would feel so heavy. It never occurred to me that I could try to alter any of the events within the dreams itself, only that I could try to escape. I wish I had been more brave and used my power of recognition to transform my perception of being a victim of circumstances. I could have become anything, done anything. Instead, I was just the victim who escaped. 

Even though it’s been a very long time since I’ve had nightmares, I think in some ways I am still evading that opportunity. 

Only now, it’s while I’m awake. 



Remember each day that you are in depth to yourself. That what you expose yourself to is essentially what you continue to feed yourself. It’s difficult to gasp and too frequently overlooked, that we are in ultimate control of our reality. It’s easy to invite what might not be for us because of the materialistic world we live in for all to share. We see, so we believe. We are manipulated by our senses, as what the body knows is what the mind interprets as truth. But the strongest sense of belief is manifested through perception rather than a glance. 

“We have two eyes for looking, one for seeing” 

Our power rests in what we truly perceive, and how well we grow to know and understand. To give a visual, would you feed yourself poison or fruit? If you love yourself, you’d say pick fruit each time. So would you invite someone to poison your mind through the dark acts of manipulation, agony, negativity to live in your soul? If we visualised our spirits more often understood their power and effects on us, we would protect our home and feed ourselves mental apples. 

Through awareness, true sight.

It is our birth right to emphasize and have pure knowledge of our surroundings to surrender to life’s balance, and also make impacts- we are oir own medicine just as much as we can be our own toxin.

Understand that we are in flow, constantly interchanging and with a simple thought you are instantly manifesting your being. Don’t be so resilient to all change that comes, it is simply what we are meant for in this time, roll with it like water would. Our only combat is understanding so don’t trip, simply be. Don’t allow others to shift your perception, for you don’t know the deception that may be beneath. Understand that you are your very own intricate line of thoughts, feelings and experiences. And that is your gift at each waking moment, remain aware of it! 

Breaths of Champagnes and Wines

I hope I live a fuller life, where I take all the time I need for all the things I want to do. Let me dream about world which doesn’t exist, let me dream about having a world of my own, the kind of world where pixies and stardust exists. 

To live in a world where I could plunge into pixie dust and fly. Even if all these would just appear in my dream I would be more than happy, I would atleast escape from this harsh world. 

With an intense desire to escape this planet, I want to get drunk. I want to get drunk to suffer all those pleasures of falling in love with the devil; I want to get drunk upon the thought that maybe, again love through pain could heal brokenness. To arrive a little, a little more late to my end, drenched in my sufferings, love, more love and completely stained with the breaths of champagnes and wines. 

And when I finally arrive to my death, I wish to be in deep love, I want to die calm and silent, without repenting the fulfillment of my desires. A way far long to arrive to my death, late, in love, drunk, more drunk, all drunk. 

“Because life is a balance between staying happy and staying sad, between getting the wind knocked out of you and catching your breathe when something memorable happens. You only have yourself that is why you have to love yourself first and put your happiness before everyone else.”

The Piece 

Maybe, I am a yet another story maker within the zillions. But, I have my own piece. My distinct piece. I don’t have unicorns’ and pixies’ enchanting fairytales. But, I do have a tale to tell. I have heartaches to elaborate, I have moments to laugh and cry about, I have visions of progression to show, I have lessons to teach by words. I may not know how to shower confetti of poetic rhythms but I do know how to hold a pen and scribble my heart out. I have never written wondering what the other person would think of my work but to be honest, it would just flow out, like music, soothing music. I never critiqued anybody because I don’t think myself to be eligible enough to do that. But I’ve been critiqued by many and I’m, yes, sort of polished, today. I judged people but kept things to myself in a world where gossips flew about everyone including me. I wrote even that down, haha. I’ve been a person who looks beyond. Beyond the limits. I’d search for roses in snow. I’ve been laughed on, mocked and lost hope on but I, I never lost hope on myself. I held on to an anonymous voice inside me; guiding me through my pave way of life. And yes. I really haven’t achieve medals but so many; so many experiences and  lessons. I just, somehow, passed in my way through the odious life and guess what? I’m happy for everything that has happened. 

Giver or Receiver

(ha! tricked you. not talking about just sex.)

It seems to me, just from personal observation, that it’s rare for an individual to be exactly balanced evenly as both a giver and a receiver in life, with friends, and in relationships. I think most of us would prefer to be as close to 50/50 as possible. Maybe we all even out one another and the givers need people to give to, hence the receivers. Or maybe all interactions, especially over the long term, would be more warm and meaningful if everyone could achieve that perfect balance within themselves. 

Are you more a giver or more a receiver? Are you 60/40, 70/30, 90/10? And why do you think that is so? Do you see one or the other as more powerful? If so could you make an argument against that opinion? Are you not a giver because you don’t know what to give or if it will be well received? Are you nor a receiver because you’re uncomfortable being someone’s focus or you don’t trust people’s intentions?

These kind of questions are interesting to me and it’s fun to ask ourselves every now and then… So how do you see you? How do you think others see you? How can we all get closer to 50/50 beings in the give and take of life? 

The Bleeding Guitar 

Talk to me about exploring new beginnings

And old mixtapes on your dusty bookshelf 

Planting new seeds of love in the backyard 

And getting old together on our front porch 
Turn up the volume when the radio is on 

Playing tunes of yesterday, today and tomorrow

New instruments and new sounds 

Walking hand in hand in the times of blues 
Jump into the psychedelic rock pools of red blood 

dancing on your guitar strings.

And hunt for the kerosene fire lyrics swathed in electric purple with your butterfly strokes 

Rip open the bonfire blue heartache storming with hymns of your scandalous love affairs 

And feel the livid groove tapping on your silver steel heartbeats writing you into another cold melody 

Dead leaves and fresh morning newspapers 

All applaud to birds singing in the air 

No new fairytales or juicy daydreams 

Only sky blue horizon melting with pink jealousy
Lose yourself to my rhythm in your bones 

Jumping up to touch the sky without falling down 

Handcrafted by kaleidoscope fireworks

And choreographed by purple rain guitar solo 

The Scent of a Lost Memory 

I think of you in an effortless fashion

Like I’m supposed to, like I am meant to 

In the thrumming heat of golden summertime 

In the lambent haze of late night winter hours 
I find you in the unswept hallways of my mind 

Knitting untidy letters into elegant words 

And voiceless heartbeats into mellifluous rhymes

As if you are the poet and I’m your masterpiece
You sure love listening to our memories on vinyl

In the lavish landscape of library room 

The high quality sound of the time once spent 

Now it ages gracefully like a wine in the bottle 
I think of you as a message I left unwritten

I think of you as a feeling I lost in the storm 

I think of you as a language I couldn’t understand 

I think of you as a mirage I almost unraveled 
I’d like to inform you that your scent gives you away

Amalgamation of daffodils kissing jasmine flowers

You roam through my senses and my glamourous ache

Like you own these places and you do actually 
You know you cause a lot of accidents in my heart 

A seductive technique to draw my attention? 

Too many casualties left in the name of romance

If vengeance is your style, then lady, I’m your fan.