How to be lonely 

Avoid happy friends.

You rue them, not your happiness, 

But your inability to be it’s flesh.

Avoid happy friends without guilt.

Do not feel the need to be their mirror. 

Be a mirror to your own silence. 

Be kind. Walk home late at night,

carrying back not only it’s zinc darkness, 

but also it’s moons and stars. 

Let the moons and stars 

share your blanket along with the darkness.

Find the right words.

If it’s loneliness then call it that. 

Do not sugarcoat the leaden word. 

Say it. Loneliness. Let it find

a word next to you. Let it sit

next to you for hours. Let it encumber

your skies till it finds, one day, 

a rent in them to leave.

Don’t hurry it. It’s never been any use

taking scissors to the sky. 


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