Start again!

You’ve long drawn out the dawn. Beyond the door lies a hall of shadows that wait to spring to life. We shall obliterate them with the light. “Long since I’ve been waiting my love, long since I’ve been whispering my child”, she croons out from her hidden place in a bed full of feathers. Spread your wings, be born into the day too. We shuffle over to the window in a soporific stupor, heavy with dreams, tossing breadcrumbs out from electric-white shutters. Your tongue is sharp. I go sliding down the inside of my mind, clawing for words to throw back, armed with the handle of a blade. Bullseye. I pin you everytime. I’d rather fly. I’d rather not see the blood and tears and spit run down cheeks rubbed raw. I’d rather leave this place behind, enchanted by the morning light that offers me momentory freedom before your cascade of sorrows. where is that blooming mind of yours that I once visited? find me.lively in your river of sorrow. Bath your son like the christening of the newly born child and we can start again. 


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