Dream with me an adventure…

Take me to your wild place, where the mountains kiss the sky. Stand dwarfed with me by the ancient trees whose branches reach beyond imagination.

Grasp with me the tiny flickers of sunlight that filter through the canopy to dance like fires around us.

Lie with me on the soft, moist undergrowth, where woodland creatures scuttle about their business completely at ease in our presence.

Listen with me to the sounds of the forest. Nature’s secrets being whispered in the wind. Wildlife’s soulful calls echoing through the calm.

Tread lightly with me over the life beneath our feet.

Respectful that we are just visitors here.

Carry me over the fast, racing rapids their strength little rival to yours.

Bathe with me where the waterfall trickles invigorating tears from mountains above.

Shelter with me under the mossy overhang as the clouds call the rain to play.

Climb with me the highest peak to touch the cotton candy clouds and wonder at the beauty of our enchanted forest below.

Share with me your daydream soul..




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