I am not a waste of space

The universe is utterly boundless so, in the grand scheme of things, do I, a mere collection of stardust, have any significance whatsoever? 

If the galaxies will not cease to exist and if the sun will not quit shining without me, does my existence hold any importance?

The world will not stop spinning, nor will be the solar system disappear if I, a collection of dwarf stars and black holes, became nothing but a figment of the past.

I am insignificant. I am nothing but a speck of life in the midst of something so vast. So if my life came to a halt, would this wide expanse really be affected? 

No, maybe not. But there are supernovas within these galaxies that would collapse of anything were to happen to me, a small nebula. 

I may seem insignificant in the middle of such wonderful things that are much larger than, but I am so important. 

And maybe the universe wouldn’t take notice should my being cease to endure, but my surrounding solar system would be extremely damaged.

So why should I, a planet, wish to put an end to my very essense if I’m so very important to other celestial bodies? 

Why should I, a supernova, wish to damage my universe by collapsing on myself and turning into a black hole? 

I do not wish to bring any pain into my lovely universe, I just hope for it to be made of love and stardust. 

I do not wish to bring any pain onto myself, a galaxy, because I’m so significant even if not to the whole universe. 


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