Inner thoughts, of an inner me

And there I was, I found myself sitting in solitude under a dimly lit pavilion, listening to the sound of rain softly crashing on the ground around me and on the roof top of the structure. The scent of wet grass being release into the air mixed with hints of the ocean’s smell. As I felt the wind gently brush around my face I looked towards the horizon of a cloudy, yet, relaxing settling sun, clouds surrounding the horizon looking as it can darken the sun any minute, only that last bit of light as twilight was finally settling in. My eyes took in the moment and I felt that majestic scene being embedded into my very soul, at that moment I closed my eyes… I could feel everything, I could hear everything, smell everything. I was one with the present, past and future, I was one what was and always will be. I was everything. I was home. My spiritual home. At peace and harmony with the universe.


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