The Trail

The Destination

A clumsy slip on a slimy surface,

My feet trashed from an endless journey,

My hands  bearing cuts from unexpected encounters.

I began with a well-designed map,

One that perfectly laid down my routes;

And I followed.

I followed the globe marked by the clan,

For a purpose awaited on the other pole;

So I blindly aimed for the finish line.


While on the journey

I learned that it’s okay to not have the answer-

The fish just below the surface,

Not knowing what the seabed nurtures.

The sunrise and the sunset,

Knowing that you’re here to witness, to breathe in life and death.

The hungry little animal ferociously clawing at me,

Knowing that we’re different but just as much the same.

The sparkle in my eye, lying beneath a blanket of stars

Laid down by the supreme power of an indecipherable universe;

Knowing that the past is here and yet, I’m fully present,

Glittering from all the dust yet burning in my own flame.

The droplets that satiate a recurring thirst,

Knowing that each one makes a larger difference than known,

Forming a cumulative existence of what we know as whole.

Epiphany striking at every tiny step,

Taking me deeper into my own skin.

The lush green of freshly grown fields,

Call them a mere sight if you may

But this sight, if fulfils a need much more critical than that of a lousy stomach.

Walking though meadows, breathing in the density of fallen pollen,

Knowing that life exists on the finest molecule.

Not knowing how to define the beginning or the end,

I learned more from simply going on;

And I arrived where they meant for me to be,

Only to realize,

This wasn’t a trail, this was my reincarnation.

A thousand lives born in an ordinary life.


Don’t merely follow in footsteps,

Be present in your trail.

It’s how you discover who you are.


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