She’s desperate to find love. He’s the same way. They both wish someone would walk into their lives, and actually want to say. She’s beautiful to everyone but ugly in her own mind. He’s done playing games, not wanting another girl that’s bitchy and then acts like everything is fine. Both are lost in this world wanting to be found. He drinks his pain away, while she sleeps around. Two lost souls trying to find a life. She wants to settle down while he’s looks my for his future wife. Both give up on the same day and time. Heading to the bridge wanting to cross that heaven/hell line. While standing on the edge they gaze into each other’s eyes. Could this be god’s way of showing them, they don’t need to die? It was fate that brought them together, and here they are. Question is, will they try out love, or is that in the past? Way too far away in their lives to even last. She looks down to the water and begins to cry. Then looks at him and say “Were you also coming here in hopes to die?” He looks at her beautiful face, wondering “how could she want to destroy something so beautiful and full of grace?” She looks at him and wonders “What’s his reason to be here tonight? He’s got the eyes of the sun, and a smile so bright?” Both stare, but this time at the same thing. A shiny gold cross placed around an angel’s wings. They both gasp and cry with joy. We have so much to live for, look the lives we would destroy. Now three years later, the same woman and man, walk after their precious twin boys, walking hand in hand. They had to go to a grey place to find love, but God showed them their ways to live a life worth dreaming of.


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