In the midst of something blue I saw a Reflection.

Wondering what it was I moved closer,

To be able to shape the Victim I squinted my eyes.

I was afraid who or what could that be?

So captivating yet so gloomy,

The closer I get further it stirred.

The moment my feet touched that cold tide

the hollowness in me moved a little aside.

I didn’t care and kept on walking.

I could feel the sensation of something new.

I liked the rush of it flowing towards me,

It was exciting.

I wanted to see it.

I wanted to grasp it and I ran after it,

until I was deep under blue.

I looked around, it was just me and that Reflection glaring upon

the window of my soul.

Something happened that night.

I was deep underwater breathing you out.

I cleansed that night, the Captivating Victim that I tried shaping

was mine.

The gloominess surrounding it; it was you.

I came to realization that, it was a calling for my Redemption

from you.


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