Maybe it’s the way your captivating smile got my feet frozen the moment you said “Hello” or maybe it’s the glow in your eyes that radiated and melted my heart. I do now know.

Maybe it’s the way your voice sent impulse through my auditory nerve as a calm breeze in such a way that a troubled soul will find a peace or maybe it’s the way your gentle touch sent a shiver up my spine causing a million signals to be sent to my brain. I do not know.

Maybe it’s the way your firm derriere moved gracefully as you danced to the rhythm of the bata drum that day at the dance festival, keeping my eyes fixed on you. I do not know.

I may not know many things but this one thing I know…you had me at “Hello”. I hope we never have to say goodbye for in many ways than one Mclovin, just as your name implies, I want to be the one to keep showing you love to the end of time.